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 Weight Loss

It's the Calories, Stupid!

What determines your body weight? Not fat, not carbs, not protein, but calories. Here's why.

How Fat Are You?

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) tells whether your weight is likely to be a health hazard. Full Story.


How Many Calories in a Kiss?

A bit of whimsy by DietPower's editor-in-chief. Full Story.

Fast-Food Nutrition Facts

Jump to menus and nutrition information for America's top 100 restaurant chains. Click Here.

Don't Fall for These Food Myths!

Do Cajun cooks really spit in the food? Can a steak dinner trigger a heart attack? Did Mama Cass die from choking on a ham sandwich? Some of these and other food "myths" are actually true. Can you guess which? Full Story.


Health Benefits of Walking and Running

Jogging burns more calories in less time than almost any other continuous exercise. It also makes you healthier, happier—maybe even wiser. This article tells how many calories you'll burn. Full Story.

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin E10

Most Americans have never heard of vitamin E10 (at least not under that name), although it's one of the most important promoters of health and longevity. Decades of scientific study have shown that E10 wards off heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke and depression. It helps weight loss, too. Yet most of us get far too little. Full Story.

Is Exercise Enough?

Can you lose weight through exercise alone? Full Story.


Is Your Weight Killing You?

Overweight and inactivity are overtaking tobacco use as America's leading killer. This article spells out the connections between obesity and heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. It also answers the question, "Which is better, fit or thin?" Full Story.

 "Duck Hunt"

"Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days!"

Because I'm still overweight and have to appear in public in my swimsuit in a few weeks, I should be a sucker for a certain kind of e-mail I'm always receiving (and I'll bet you are, too). I've always wondered, though: can a person really lose weight that fast? Full Story.

The Negative-Calorie Diet

My co-worker believes that some foods contain fewer calories than are needed to digest them—so by eating such foods, you'll actually lose weight. Sound too good to be true? Here's what science says. Full Story.

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